Mid Michigan including Marshall has a lot of history about the Underground Railroad and Marshall has its share.

Sources for the text that goes with the images in the mosaic:


What is Geo caching?  “There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world—there are probably some near you right now.”  It’s a way to get outside and explore, learn and solve puzzles. Some people do Geo caching with their dog, so that other people won’t wonder why you are exploring odd places!  There is a little container that will have a clue – that is what you are looking for – after using a smart phone to put in the geo coordinates.  The little container might have a magnet, it might be on the back of a street sign for example.  This is a very popular past time for destination tourism. Here is a little information about Geo caching.  geocaching.com/

Below is a brochure with a Geo Cache game about the Underground Railroad in Calhoun County.  Click on the arrows at the bottom of the image to preview the entire brochure.  A beautiful full color printed brochure is available for free at the Calhoun County Tourism and Visitor Bureau, The Marshall Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce.  Enjoy Geo-Caching!


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